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“My mother and grandmother taught me the importance of gathering together, to enjoy good food, to share and pass it on with love.”

Dish Entertains by Trish Magwood. A cookbook with everything from simple everyday recipes to special occasions

Dish Entertains

Dish Entertains won the prestigious James Beard Award for entertaining, and also received the World Gourmand Award and Cuisine Canada Award, Silver Medal in Cookbooks.

Trish’s first cookbook – best seller dish entertains (Harper Collins), shares menus, ‘best of’ recipes and tips for everyday simple to special occasion events. The National Post voted “that beautiful book wins the best looking Canadian book this season” and Hello magazine called it “a very approachable book... with recipes simple and delicious, this lushly photographed book brings memorable party fare within reach of even the busiest cook.”

In My Mother's Kitchen, a cookbook by Trish Magwood, featured three generations of simple, delicious family food

In My Mother's Kitchen

Trish’s second cookbook In My Mother’s Kitchen (Harper Collins) with three generations of delicious simple family food sharing recipes and tips for busy modern cooks. It became Heather’s Pick at Indigo, was on The Globe & Mail best seller list in it’s first month and became a national best seller in it’s first six months. In My Mother’s Kitchen is also available as an app on iTunes.


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