Midtown is one of my favourite parts of Toronto, filled with shops and restaurants galore amongst parks and unbeatable skyline views. Kicking around the city, but not sure what to do? Midtown is calling...make your way north for a Saturday worth getting outside (and embracing the cold) for.


Where to...

EAT: Shoushin Sushi. Date night special and fully authentic Tokyo-style sushi. Omakase (the chef’s tasting menu) is the way to go...the chef decides what you will eat and you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s an incredible experience every time.

Photo cred: @monster_jen


PLAY: Take the dog for a walk or run the trails at Sherwood Park; or if you’re a fan of the Big Apple, stroll the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail – if you squint, it almost feels as if you are on The High Line.

Photo cred: @vantagepointimage


SHOP: It’s that time...winter boot season has arrived. Shop the stores along Yonge and Eglinton for good shoe finds and cozy boots for those colder days.

Photo cred: @dalan_bronson


We Canadians know how to do winter right, and what better place than in Toronto – a city that has so much to offer. Stay tuned for more tips + guides to getting outside and exploring your local neighbourhoods.

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