Summertime arrives late; Summertime stays late. We’ve been lucky enough to see a week’s full of sunshine and blue skies – and so we find ourselves holding onto these final moments of outdoor entertaining. For the kids and for the adults, a patio pizza party is our way of taking advantage of what might be the last few warm evenings of the season.


Pizza Party Tips:

  1. Make one for the kids and one for the adults. Keep it simple for the young ones, or put toppings out and let them make their own.

  2. Use leftover veg in the fridge. This season’s harvest delivered beautiful peaches and cream corn – my most recent pizza topping and personal favourite.

  3. Let your guests participate. Chop up ingredients for friends and family to build their own.

  4. Use the grill. Save time and enjoy the evening without crowding around the oven.

  5. Get the grill really hot. The key to cooking pizza on the grill is to keep the temperature high and the cook time quick.

  6. Have everything ready to go. Lightly brush the grill with oil, cook the dough for a minute or two, flip it, and then top it. Make sure your sauce, cheese and toppings are close by to prevent over-charring. Cook for another 3 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Pizza parties are a good excuse to get friends and family together and involved in the cooking process. Plus, it’s a crowd favourite that can be modified to anyone’s taste. Do you have a favourite pizza recipe? Share it here and join the sisterhood of sharing – the best part about cooking is trying new recipes.


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