The end of summer is nearing. Labour Day marks the beginning of shorter days and cooler nights - it’s the last hoorah before we brace ourselves for winter. Whether feeding a crowd or the family, entertaining groups should be fun and easy so that you can enjoy it, too.


5 Tips for Feeding a Crowd:

  1. Go with big hunks of meat and marinate it ahead of time. Try a boneless leg of lamb: you can pre-order it ahead of time and marinate it for 3 days before throwing putting it on the grill. It’s a crowd-pleaser that can feed a large, hungry group of friends or family.

  2. Think like a caterer and bulk up. I like to make everything ahead of time so that it’s easier the day of. At a recent get together, a green tomato and potato gratin – using seasonal tomatoes of course – was the star of the show. I opted for a dairy-free version and used chicken stock instead of cream.

  3. Get everyone involved. Who is your barbecuer? Who makes the best dessert? Delegate more, worry less.

  4. Put everything on the grill. This year, I’m putting everything on the BBQ. Grilled romaine with radishes, grilled endive lettuces, charred broccoli, grilled jalapenos stuffed with feta - grill it all.

  5. Keep the heat and sweet in the pantry. Vinaigrette essentials are key to cooking for a crowd - for salads, marinades, snacks and apps. Maple and fresh jalapenos or dried chili flakes are my go-to - I put this in everything.

Entertaining the masses isn’t always easy. More often than not, we find ourselves over-delivering, much of the food going to waste and getting tossed in the trash. Use the grill and cook as you go. Leftover meats can be re-purposed for dinner the next day; if you’re stuck with leftovers, freeze them. Diminish food waste and get creative: take leftovers and re-invent them with a new dish. Here’s to cooking smarter.

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