Summer is the perfect time to take a drive and pick up fruit and veg from your local roadside stand. Believe it or not, many stands sell stuff that isn’t theirs so always start the conversation by asking where the fruit and vegetables come from. Because local is how you want to go.


What to buy this August:

-Corn...Peaches & Cream

-Tomatoes: these are a bit late this year, but are just starting to arrive

-Blueberries: and not those insanely large beach ball blueberries, you want small and juicy ones




-Lettuces: these are still amazing.

This year is all about the accidental vegetarian. Somehow, our plates are filled with vegetables and we don’t seem to mind it. Are we getting over the Paleo indulgence and eating more veg without realizing it? What may have started as a Meatless Monday has become something of a thing for me.

Some of my favourite cookbooks for meat-free recipes are Dishing Up the Dirt and Forest Feast Gatherings. For a simple raw salad, peel and slice multi coloured beets and radishes and add to a bowl of arugula. Add fresh cracked salt and pepper, lemon and a drizzle of good olive oil. Fresh and delicious, and perfect for summer.

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