In 2013, my friend Alex Bennett and I spent the day filming and interviewing moms and kids on what moms really want on Mother’s Day.  The day was filled with tears, laughs and some incredible lines that summed it all up.  The moms may be a few years older, and the kids a few years wiser, but here are the universal truths that I know we all share–kids, listen up!


Mary, mom of 3, grandmother of 8:

As an old mom and grandmother, all I want for Mother's Day is first: for my daughters and daughter-in-law to be spoiled a bit by their kids and do their own Mother's Day thing; second: for my three kids to phone and say hello to me on Mother’s Day. That's enough - I get tons of love and attention all through the year. 

Mel, Mom of 4:

A ping pong table. And a room big enough to hold it.

Christie, mom to 3 boys:

My perfect day would be sleeping in, a nice brunch out, a great hike on the Bruce Trail in the afternoon, and the time to make and enjoy a killer family dinner that night.

Bo (my then 98 year old grandma), mom of 3, grandmother of 6, great grandmother of 11:

To have a mother.

Fin (then 9):

When’s Mother’s day?  Oh... coffee and a Toblerone (cheeky monkey).

Liv (then 7):

Coffee and a cookbook.


Lily of the Valley growing in the garden. A run to feel freedom for a moment without two aging dogs on leashes, a stroller, and a protesting toddler and a panic attack because my 8-year-old is facing the traffic light years ahead of me on her bike. 


My little ones sleeping in my arms at the end of the day.


A moment of appreciation... a whole hearted thanks with a warm look or a hug to let me know that despite the truth that I will walk across coals for my family if need be and that for one moment they pause and think and I know they are thinking: "wow, thanks."


To be taken out for dinner by my husband and kids. What I'll be doing: staying at the horrendous Great Wolf Lodge with my son's soccer team, watching soccer in the AM and then watch my daughter row in the afternoon. No complaints, but probably won't be much time for that nice dinner.


To be free from all house related chores, and have it all taken care of for 1 week: no grocery shopping, no laundry, no cooking, no dishes, and no garbage take-out.


I would love to wake up from an afternoon nap to have dinner cooked for me by my girls and husband, and then sit down to a lovely dinner with wine.


Would like a nice dinner and a peaceful evening with kids going to bed without argument. Probably a pipe dream. My youngest says I would like a nice card with lots of pretty rainbow hearts on it. 


My 12-year-old says I would want a robotic arm that can do everything for me.

My 9-year-old: a new necklace and beautiful flowers.

And me: someone to offer their help before I have to ask.


Time. With my kids and away from them!

To be appreciated. It doesn't matter what they do as long as they all WANT to make it special.


I would love a late breakfast in bed with my kids and husband and then a fun family day together while the cleaning fairies clean my house.  I would also throw in an afternoon nap before a lovely dinner out with my mom and mother-in-law. Oh yes, and any and all home made gifts from my kids. 


Some peace and quiet, breakfast in bed, home-made cards, and something new for the garden to mark Mother’s Day.


After a nice sleep-in, breakfast in bed is an absolute must! Warm Nadege butter croissant, fresh strawberries, and hot coffee served with a small bouquet of peonies. And one can never have too many Alexander McQueen skull scarves so maybe one in hot pink for Mother's Day! A new fab pair of Manolos wouldn't hurt. And last but not least, a homemade card from my darling daughter and fab hubby. Bliss!


I don’t want to host. I’m taking mom out for lunch. That way, we both enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be a big production. And someone else does the dishes.


I'd like to go for a long run, come home, have coffee and breakfast in my back yard, and read my book uninterrupted for the whole morning.

My kids...

Signy: I'd like to take you to a jewelry store and buy you jewelry. 

Gavin: I'd like to take you to a Star Wars store.

And the round up is:

  1. Love

  2. Appreciation

  3. Homemade gestures: cards & cookies

  4. Sleep: favourite blanket & favourite socks

  5. Caffeine: how to make the perfect cup of coffee

  6. Get Outside Toronto: walks and hikes

  7. Exercise: spin & yoga

Oh, and all of this... 365 days a year. xo

On Mother's Day, it's okay to spoil yourself, too.

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